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Twin Beech


Ideal for families, small groups, or events, our Beech 18 carries up to 6 passengers in the plushest luxury available during the Golden Age of Aviation.  Experience the romance and nostalgia of classic airplane lines, and watch the extraordinary views of the Wasatch Mountain ranges slip past the gigantic picture windows as you fly in the aircraft that was once the personal transport of the President of Mexico.  Take turns sitting in the right seat and act as co-pilot of this legendary executive transport of a bygone era!   All flights in the Twin Beech include one complimentary copy of your flight video; additional copies are available on request. All times listed are approximate actual flight times, plan on an additional 30-45 minutes for the entire experience, a pre-flight mission and safety briefing, and post flight debriefing and review of your flight video.

Twin Beech Aircraft